Paper/ Books – Carved, Altered, Cut and Folded

Recycled Paper Art – Adding Value to the Discarded.  

Just because something is no longer fit for its original purpose, does not mean it has no value.  I love the thought of the history of the books before they were abandoned – Where have they been? Did they bring joy? Insight? Change?

The fragile strength of paper is both a challenge and a pleasure to work with, and I happily embrace the rips, tears and stains that will continue to occur now that the books are outside the protection of their covers.  The time spent creating with pages honours both the time spent writing them, and the time creating the precious commodity of paper.   Mirroring the repetition of type on paper, my paper works all feature repetition of form, letting the stories peek through.

Working more extensively with vintage maps – exploring collage and contrast of materials. Over time, I have experimented with combining threads and other media with paper.


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